Mormon Battalion Trek 2008

What Is The Mormon Battalion Trek?

We are making the first complete re-march following the
1846-1847 Mormon Battalion’s route – from Iowa to California.
Our living history re-enactors will dress and live like original Battalion members telling their story as we move from one campsite to the next.

March the Historic Trail With Us

If you want to accompany us, check out our Come March With Us pages. For those who can’t hike along, we will provide “virtual” Internet updates.

Mormon Battalion Trek 2008 Learn More Volunteer to Support the Battalion Trek Travel the Trail as a Virtual VIP goto Virtual Trails and Virtually explore the Mormon Battalion Trail Pledge a donation now and get Mormon Battalion Trek garb!

Track Us While We Trek!
Track the Battalion Trek reenactors as they follow the footsteps of the 1846 Mormon Battalion.

Our location updates every ten minutes using SPOT® - The Satellite Personal Tracker.

To track our progress LIVE click here.