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Dear Gentle Reader

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

This Trek is being made just for fun because my Scouts got me involved in “living history.” Going the entire 2,000 miles will be challenging, but I trust something worthwhile will come of it. We hope to share the experience with you in a meaningful way through this modern journal.

The invitation for others to participate is due to requests by descendants and others with an interest in this unique historic group. How could I say no? Consequently, Trek Membership Dues are necessary to meet government land use requirements and to cover basic costs. All funds remaining in the Trek kitty will be donated to Not-for-Profit entities with ties to the historic trails we will follow.

I’m learning a lot since 1840’s history is new to me. The 60’s were my generation (grin). If, in my musings, you note a mistake about something you know to be different, please send your kind comment to me. If appropriate, a correction or retraction will be made as time permits.

The essence of appreciating “living history” is to recognize there are always at least two viewpoints about what actually happened, its cause and its importance. It is from each other that we can learn and put our common history into perspective.

“Sincere appreciation” is not sufficient to express the depth of gratitude which is due Phoebe (aka Denny, my wife), my family, Doug Cloward - who gave me a love for outdoor education, our web developers, those who contributed their scholarship or encouragement and to everyone who has or will yet help with this Trek.

And finally, to “my” Scouts, to our young women who are their equal in every respect and to the families that started the ball rolling: The Battalion Trek 2008 is dedicated to you and to those original 1846 Battalion members whom we represent, “in honorable rememberance.”

Your Obedient Servant -
Ebenezer Brown, Sgt., Co. A
Aka – Kevin (Bud) Henson
Midland, Michigan 2007