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Update - March Fourth 2008

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Dear Gentle Reader:

We are now just four months from “Marching Forth” along the Battalion’s trail. And, in one year from today, the 2008 Trek will be over and have become another part of Battalion history.

When Captain James Allen rode into Mount Pisgah in 1846, he asked for 500 volunteers to serve just one year. Just one year and 2,000 miles later, history had been made that still reverberates today.

A rhetorical question: If the Battalion were being formed today, would you be willing to volunteer? Would the call have to come from the highest authority or would you volunteer on your own?

In that same vein, may we ask that you consider helping us by volunteering to arrange a Trek campsite? It’s not as hard as standing out in the cold during the Olympics. It’s not as dangerous as going on a Scout white water raft trip. And it’s NOWHERE as taxing as being a youth conference chaperone.

All you’d have to do is make some phone calls, ask some questions and get back to us with the answers. We provide the information you need to make the contacts and get the information we need. Probably take less than four or five hours total. Please consider it and e-mail us at

OK. It’s time for an Trek status update. We will begin posting updates weekly or more frequently.

• General Status – We’re doing very well on our preparations. Lots of details left, but things are coming along fairly well.

• Schedule – our up-to-date plans are posted to website’s “Trek Schedule” page.

• Special events – planning is underway all along the route. There will soon be a new “Event Calendar” page that gives you details about the day and special events. Council Bluffs and Fort Leavenworth get us started in style.

• Route, vehicles – a road route is completed and being provided to Route Scout volunteers.

• Route, hiking – mostly completed except for regions where we are still negotiating for permission to hike across private lands. The permit process for public lands (BLM, state, etc.) is underway and we do not expect any significant problems for those sections.

• Registration – on the website, we are completing the registration module and will have it activated mid-March.

• Tax-exempt status – we have received our “not-for-profit” designation from the IRS. Documentation for contributions will be provided.

Well, that is my report from wilds of Michigan where the sun is starting to warm things and we hope for spring quite soon. If you have any inquiries, please post them and I will respond.

Dear Reader, I remain, Your Obedient Servant,

Ebenezer Brown, 2nd Sgt., Co. A
(aka Kevin “Bud” Henson)
Midland, MI – March 4, 2008