Sunday, September 21 – Garden City/Ulysses, KS

I’m posting Sunday’s entry on late Saturday evening based upon our plans.

You see, it’s unlikely we will have internet connectivity for quite a few days – perhaps not until we arrive at Santa Fe, so I’m going to make one last entry before we take off.

You can follow our updated position by going to the following URL:

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the encouragement and good wishes.

We plan to leave Larned about 8 for Garden City to attend church conference, then high-tail it back to Ulysses to spend time with our hosts, the Johnson’s whom we’ve stiffed for the past three days. We feel bad since they are a nice couple.

I remain YOS -
Ebenezer Brown, 2nd Sgt, Co A, Mormon Battalion
(aka - Kevin “Bud” Henson)

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