Wednesday, Sept 24 – Boise City, OK

We get off early again and drive north to hike a short stretch of Colorado. Its’ our “token” part of the thirteen miles of the route in Colorado. Access to the Willow Bar crossing didn’t get arranged so we drive as close as we can attempting to photo it up close, Sadly, all the roads are private ranch roads and we don’t push our luck. We are trying to get access to other ranches to hike and see points of interest. These are VERY BIG RANCHES.

To quote Dorothy who said, “Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” might be appropriate here. We move the trailers to Black Mesa State Park northwest of Boise City (pronounced like “voice” or Boyce) Oklahoma. Lots of antelope which the Battalion said were frequently sighted in their day, but the elk and buffalo are decidedly missing from the area in our time.

Happily, they have internet connections, so we’ll be able to update ya’ll with our doings. We position the units, then drive off.

And so, mid-afternoon, we finally get to hiking and do about twelve miles, all roadway but we’re back on track and still on schedule even if we are burning some of our banked miles.

Speaking of banks – what is happening out there in the real world???

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