Friday, Sept 26 – Cedar Spring, OK

This morning we finally make contact with the ranch owner on which Cedar Spring is located. Though he’s covering work for a friend, Alan takes time to drive us to this original Battalion camp location. There are tremendous trail swales that go for miles and we get some great photos of the camp area. It requires us to backtrack but the opportunity is rare and that we feel it’s appropriate to spend the time documenting the area. Beautiful.

Our area of interest rests in a wide bowl a couple miles wide. Imagine a triangle-shaped mesa, pointed north with ravines on the east and west sides. The base is connected to the plains to the south. Off to the north, we can barely see Black Mesa on the horizon, sticking above the local topography. The area gently rolls from ridge to ridge – about fifty feet difference in top to bottom. We find a couple areas sufficiently large enough to camp the Battalion’s wagons and tents and the buffalo grass has been helped by a recent rainstorm.

What is most delightful about this location is to walk to the western side of the triangle mesa to be met by a view of a small creek bed lying between the rock outcrops. The ravine is a couple hundred yards wide completely covered with lush green grass and plenty of water. It extends northward for nearly a mile before we lose sight of it among the turns and twists of the canyon. The scene is truly breath-catching with the greens, tans, reds, blacks and blues we see.

After we’ve satisfied ourselves, we hop in the car and head back – but I manage a wrong turn and we quickly become semi-disoriented. For those of you who haven’t had the experience of being lost on the open prairie without many landmarks to guide you, I must admit it is semi-disconcerting. But, we do a Hansel and Gretel thing and eliminating wrong roads by process of elimination. In other words, we get home in the early afternoon.

Back at the trailer, we finish working on a number of pressing items, pack up and prepare to head to Grenville NM but decide to go to Clayton where we can have some more support facilities. We try to get some gas in Kenton, only to find the station has closed. Dang!

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