Friday, Oct 24 – Polverde, NM

Yippee! I get to go hiking again. Today Ron and I hoped to puzzle out the Battalion’s route over some sand hills north of Polverda.

This is the place Col Cooke described as being where “a sand hill reaching the river bank was encountered; two hours, with teams doubled, and twenty men to a wagon, were required to reach its top,–only three or four hundred paces.” That means eight mules and twenty men per wagon, which still takes about two hours to advance about four-tenths of a mile – or about an hour to go a quarter-mile.

After hiking up and down the hills, we’re no more confident about their route than when we started. There are some “obvious” routes they “could” have taken, but nothing to tell us which one or even if our suppositions are correct. Perhaps we will locate additional information in the future, but for now, their route remains lost in the obscurity of shifting sands. Even to locals are not sure where the oldest roads went. Maybe we will check with the County Recorder.

In the evening I repair some electrical wiring in the trailer (so I can blog more easily at night) and we get a late dinner, then off to bed.

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