Saturday, Oct 25 – Socorro, NM

We think we’ve finally figured out how to improve our “real time” tracking so it’s more consistently updating. You can see our GPS route updates about every ten minutes by going to this URL:

Today is Ron Kirkpatrick’s last day hiking this week. He’s been a great assistance to the Trek and has earned our heartfelt appreciation for all his work, encouragement, upbeat outlook and uncomplaining patience. We also appreciate Susan, his wife, for letting Ron come play with us all week. Susan is a trooper. May be Ron can join us again sometime in the future.

Nothing in particular about our route today - fifteen miles total. We pass south of Lamitas (aka, Limitar) where the valley narrows to just two thirds of a mile wide. Perhaps this is the location where Azariah Smith and others in the advance group had to get into the water and repair the road for the wagons. Pueblito Point is a highly likely candidate for this event.

We complete our hiking just after noon. Ron’s daughter, Jana joins us to hike along our last mile of el Camino Real into the Socorro plaza. Interestingly, the LDS church building is on the Camino so the Battalion marched past the future building site some 162 years ago. Next we passed the “new” Catholic chapel. This building was built after the Battalion’s time, but in the same location as the old building. A short stroll brings us to the plaza – the smallest one we’ve seen. Makes one wonder if this was the original plaza for Socorro. Have to look into that sometime.

We celebrate by driving down to the Owl Café at San Antonio, south of Socorro. The Owl is a local hang out known for catering to atomic scientists, Army workers and others involved with nuclear testing. The grill has quite a few commendations and project posters hanging from the walls. The place is known for its green chili cheese burgers and has become somewhat of a regional legend.

We high-tail it back to Socorro to get jobs done. This will be one of the few “large” towns we will have until we reach Tucson in mid-December. While Denny works in the trailer, I go to work on the outside fixes, get the ‘burban washed, put things away in the Henski Truck and work on catching up the blog. As I write this, it’s slightly after midnight but it’s been a great day and a great week for us Trekkers.

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