Thursday, October 30 – Tiffany Canyon, NM

Note: If you’re tracking us with a map, don’t look for Tiffany Canyon as a town. It’s a large arroyo that empties into the west side of the Rio Grande. It’s about 8 miles north of Fort Craig historic site. Check the website for our tracking updates. To see our progress, go to:

At Socorro, we say goodbye to Jana and Peter who have hosted us for nearly a week. Thanks guys. Good luck on grad school.

But, wait… not so fast. We can’t leave YET!

I have to put the final polish on the BYU Ed Week proposal then print it. Denny runs it down to the overnight freight expediter office for next day delivery. Jerry works on getting the trailer ready to move. I get a phone call for a newspaper interview that takes an hour and then have to send more forms via e-mail that THAT takes another hour to complete.

We have to get fueled up, purchase a few odds-n-ends before we leave civilization, make camping reservations, check our maps against our plans, find the radios, eat some lunch, then we finally move the vehicles down to Fort Craig. We set the new camp, greet the BLM camp host couple, Diane and Arthur who we’ll spend some time with later.

About 4 PM, I finally climb in the car and Denny ferries me to the south end of the Bosque del Apache NWR (see yesterday). The Snow Geese are still around so Denny gets to check them out and the see the cranes. Did you know the Crane family of bird species is over 50 million years old? I didn’t, but it sure explains why the look so… dinosaur-ish – don’t you think?

Didn’t expect it today, but I think I found some wagon swales as I hiked. After a few miles I get to Tiffany Canyon – a very large arroyo canyon that drains I don’t know how many square miles – but it’s big. Denny and I meet up at the end of a road just as the sun sets and it starts to get dark.

We take some photos of the very thin waxing crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter. Arriving back at the trailer about 8 PM I notice that it’s the first time we’ve had dark skies for weeks – since about Springer at the last new moon. I pull out the maps and work on our route for the next few days while Denny cooks. We have just enough energy to eat, clean up and head to bed after another long day.

On the other hand, we’re excited because we’re about to enter the area where Cooke’s Wagon Road was cut by the Battalion.

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