Thursday, November 27 – Douglas, AZ

Thanksgiving Day - as a holiday - had not been declared in 1846, so the original Battalion didn’t celebrate as we do now. They were hiking into the modern area of Cloverdale, New Mexico from the area of Bercham Draw. It was about a fifteen mile day and they estimated this distance fairly well. Perhaps it was because the route was mostly flat and they didn’t have much pioneering to do, so they could keep to a normal hiking pace.

Our day was spent preparing to participate in a “pot luck” Thanksgiving. The RV owners host an annual Thanksgiving feast and everyone brings a dish. There was tons of food – plenty of leftovers for all. One gentleman said grace before we ate – a five year tradition for him to say the Thanksgiving prayer.

This is an eclectic RV park. It’s not fancy, schmancy, but it works for us. The owner is a retired music teacher. Some residents are full-timers, others snowbirds that come most years; a few like us are transients just here for a few days at most. But, we’ve been welcomed here at Twin Buttes RV Park. It’s east of Douglas about twelve miles on highway 80. Check it out. Good rates and good people.

Just south of us is the Elisha Smith gravesite which we will visit Sunday and hold a memorial service to remember him.

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