Saturday, November 29 – West Paul Spur, AZ

Today I reenacted “Mr Fix-it.” Plumbing, electrical, remote electrical (house in Michigan), cleaning, shopping, etc., were all on my “to do” list.

Early this morning, I had a dream. Normally I wouldn’t mention such, but some of the Battalion members relate their dreams, so I’m going to relate this one. It was unusual because I don’t remember dreaming often.

In my dream , I was hiking through an area where a hurricane was approaching. It was still calm but the area had evacuated and I found myself alone and seeking shelter. Nearby was a nursing home, so I went in and found many unresponsive patients still in their beds with no one to care for them. After determining there were more people than I could help, I dialed “911” to see if there was anyone coming to take them away. “No,” replied the dispatcher, “and you’d better get out of there yourself.”

When I woke up, the dream stayed with me and upon considering it some today, I decided it presented me an ethical/moral question; what would I have done if the situation had been real? If I had stayed, how would I have triaged my care? At what point would my life’s preservation have taken precedent over the lives of those soon to die anyway?

These are interesting questions because to some extent, some Battalion members were faced with such choices.

Finally, I was able to complete updating the blog and now I’m sending if off to you for your consideration, Gentle Reader.

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