Tuesday, December 30 – Planning at Dateland, AZ

This morning, we complete our preparations to move the vehicles forward for our next trail section. After catching up on the immediate necessary correspondence, phone calls and interviews, we get on the road late morning.

During the past week as we’ve driven back and forth through Gila Bend, we couldn’t help but notice a shop that advertised their “World Famous Cactus Burgers.” Now, I’m no culinary Rachel Ray, Emeril Lagasse or Julia Childs, but sometimes these strange sounding foods pique my interest. Just so happens that Peter was also intrigued, so we talked Denny into a cactus burger lunch. Hey, it was that or a fast food place and quite frankly, I’ve grown to detest fast food.

And…wouldn’t you know it. I’ve misplaced their business card already so I can’t share the owner’s name. Nice guy though. The place is on the north side of Highway 85 in Gila Bend. I’ll remedy this oversight when I find the card or him on the internet.

Seems they put diced pieces of beaver tail cactus into the ground beef and to tell the truth, it does have a little flavor that one cannot describe. The meat could have used a little more fat – probably was that 93% lean stuff and the cactus couldn’t make up for the juices by itself. Denny felt it too dry also. I don’t recall Peter saying too much about it. But on the whole, I’d try it again – and it was huge with really good fries.

We hauled the RV to a park at Dateland arriving at 4:30 PM, then spent a quiet evening in the unit working on the upcoming week which promises to get a little hectic again. Well, it WAS quiet between trains. Seems we’ve successfully found yet another RV park that butts up against a VERY active rail line. About every 20 minutes we experience a 3.0 man-made seismic event. That continues well into the night, but we’re so tired we hardly noticed.

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