Sunday, January 25 – Temecula, CA

It’s one of those Sundays that gives us a chance to recuperate. Slow morning. No evening events planned. Restful.
When I took my “drive through” exploration trip in ‘07, I stopped at Temecula and fell in love with the town and its people. The Battalion has an interesting story here. They nearly got into a fight with the local tribe and found out at the last minute they were actually “friendly” towards each other. Though they stayed only one night, the encounter seemed to be a positive one for both groups.
In the LDS chapel on CA-70, there’s a painting of the Battalion’s men meeting members of the local Perchanga tribe. Ashley Hyllested painted it back in the 1990’s. I love that picture and will post a photo of it with our Virtual Trail project.
Sadly, in my haste to get to church, we didn’t realize the Billings attended a different congregation, so we ditched our hosts for church meetings. Sorry ‘bout that Susan.
In the evening, the weather has turned decidedly COLD with a strong north wind. The Billings have prepared an outdoor cookout dinner (is that redundant?). We’re all bundled up with a fire going to keep us warm. It’s odd to be in southern California and experiencing this.
Our final days on the trail into San Diego start tomorrow. We can’t believe we’re so close. The original Battalion had to be excited too.

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