Saturday, July 12, 2008 – Manawa SP, Council Bluffs, Iowa

Between the high humidity, strong winds, lightning and BIG raindrops, none of us slept very well last night. In fact, I didn’t sleep much at all. And, I wanted to get up early (before 5 AM) to hike while it’s cool. And, cool it is – in the low 60’s and overcast with a fairly brisk wind from the northwest.

Denny and I backtracked to Macedonia via the support truck. It continued to rain some this morning, so I broke out the oilcloth, cut a piece to length and wore it for about 30 minutes as I hiked (insert “up and down hills” anytime I write “hike”, “hiked”, “hiking” or any derivative thereof).

This morning, I was able to complete 12 miles by lunchtime, which almost gets us back on schedule, leaving only another 11 miles to hike into Council Bluffs during the next week sometime. The others worked on getting the remaining RV’s problems figured out. Final repairs next week?

Late in the day, we drove over to Omaha and stopped by the Winter Quarters’ Visitor Center. Took the tour and met some of the staff. Wonderful folks.

Allyson was on guard looking to spot her brother Bradley, a missionary currently serving in Omaha. Seems everyone knows “Elder Jones” but he isn’t anywhere to be seen today.

A family we know in Michigan stopped by for a quick visit. They were on their way to Salt Lake City, knew we were supposed to be here and managed to find us at the campsite. Turns out that Jim Krueger had lived in Lewis where we were two days earlier. And that older engaged couple I mentioned? They stopped by again - and small world - Jim had known their kids and been Best Man at one sons’ wedding. They all had a good time catching up with each other.

See, there are all kinds of connections.

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