Monday thru Wednesday, July 14 – 16, 2008 – Council Bluffs, Iowa

Don’t hate me because I’m busy.

When I developed the schedule for Trek, I put in a week of non-travel days here at Council Bluffs. Some people asked me what I intended to do – just laze around wasting time?

Far from it.

Having worked with traveling camps before, I knew that the Trek startup would be fraught with problems large and small that would take time to fix. The RV problems are a good example. We spent the entire forepart of this week conducting fault diagnosis of our various problems, then fixing them.

We also needed to coordinate the special events of next week (July 25-27) and wanted to check out the preparations for that. The Western Trails Center is a very nice museum but more about that next week.

The Council Bluffs/Kanesville area is sponsoring a local event called “Come Home to Kanesville” which keys on the early history of the area. Very nice effort by the local folks to emphasize genealogy, history and connections. It’s been estimated that there are over 100,000 Battalion descendants still in the Omaha metro area, so we’re in the right place to start. We had hoped to spend some time visiting with them, but our RV issues kept us from doing so.

Despite being within sight of downtown Omaha Nebraska (yep, we can actually see the skyscrapers from Lake Manawa
State Park where we’re camped), our T-Moobile cell phone and Verizion broadband connections are not very good. Hey guys… can you hear me now?

So, we’re still playing catchup with the blog and daily updates. We’ll keep trying though.

Kevin (Ebenezer Brown) Henson
From the Shores of Lake Manawa

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