Saturday, July 19, 2008 – Glenwood, Iowa

Apparently Peter didn’t sleep much last night. Despite the two hours time zone difference between California and Iowa, he was early for our 5 AM start (3 AM his time). We finished breaking the RV down to travel, piled into the truck and headed south to the Missouri riverbanks.

It was foggy this morning – very thick and that helped keep the sun at bay until nearly 11 AM. Though it was still very humid there was a slight breeze that helped us keep cool.

Peter is a retired state firefighter with 30 years experience. He’s skilled with a lot of the skills we need on Trek (safety, emergency) and can tell some pretty good stories about work. He’s also a reenactor with the Sacramento area groups. They do the Gold Rush bash at Coloma and last year conducted more than 50 events to commemorate the Battalion. Hat’s off for keeping the Battalion “in honorable rememberance.”

We complete our 15 mile day shortly after noon at Glenwood City Park. Nice place and the historical society buildings are nearby. We were going to go see the museum, but I got distracted and forgot.
You see, as Peter and I walk into camp, we turn a corner and see our parked RV – except something is somehow very different about it.

All across the back (stern) of the trailer, there was water sheeting off at the floor level. Not dripping quickly mind you. Sheeting. Like Niagara Falls sheeting – only not quite so much water – but a pretty fair approximation of Niagara which I’ve seen a few times in person.

One’s mind does strange things when presented with a sight that is incomprehensible – which this was. Literally, I could not comprehend there was an Iowa flood coming out of my RV. It just wasn’t something I expected to see, so it took about 15 seconds to decide I wasn’t hallucinating.

Back to Council Bluffs for parts and we soon have the pipes replaced, repacked, reconnected and we can shower for Sunday.
Well, the only major system now that hasn’t fritzzed out is the heater. I can hardly wait to try it out.

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