Sunday, July 20, 2008 – Glenwood, Iowa

It’s a layover day again on Sunday. We can shower (hooray!) now that the flood waters have subsided. We head to church at Glenwood and meet some good folks.

All afternoon is spent catching up on correspondence, writing and phoning family. OK, I slept for a couple hours as well, then slipped over to the Mills County Historical Museum at Glenwood. I was looking for old road maps of the area, but 1875 is the best I can do and I already have that map. Maybe next time.

Did I mention that it seems we all have a weakness for the best selling chocolate sandwich cookie with the white sugar filling? Especially, if we can dunk them in milk. But, I shall not divulge the name who has the sweetest tooth amongst our core group.

A couple other things I’d like to discuss with blog readers:

1 – My writing style is inconsistent and I know it. I slip back and forth from present to past tense without much regard for proper style. I hope it isn’t too disturbing to you, Dear Reader.

2 – Blog posts may come in batches since our connectivity is sporadic. Be patient.

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