If you want to follow our progress via GPS on the Internet, go to:

A few comments:

1 – The site updates about every 10 minutes while we’re hiking and RESETS every 24 hours – meaning that if we aren’t hiking (Iike on Sunday’s) the trail will start falling off.

2 – We’ve found the satellite hookups are not very reliable. Sometimes we update every 10 minutes the way the company says it will; sometimes it goes for an hour or more without making a contact – so be patient.

3 – The program “connects the dots” leading one to believe I cross fields and properties which I don’t without permission. At this time, I mostly following North, South, East and West roads. All the diagonals are mis-perceptions because of how the display works.

Bud / Kevin Henson


  1. john willis Says:

    Based on your schedule you should be in St. Joseph Missouri tommorrow. While you are there try and visit the pony express museum. Ephraim Hanks ,a member of company B, later in his life ran a pony express station in Utah. A number of latter day saints were involved in the pony express either as station masters or riders. These include among others. Henry Faust great grandfather of James E. Faust of the first presidency and Porter Rockwell
    Ephraim Hanks was kind of the Forrest Gump of his time as he shows up at all sorts of important events in Mormon and western History, the battalion march, the pony express and the rescue of the Handcart companies. ( He was the first person from Salt Lake to find one of the companies) unlike Forrrest Gump he was a smart man.