Tuesday, August 19 – Rock Creek, KS

Paul headed home to Michigan this morning. We’re going to miss the big guy. Between his humor, his abilities, his insights (which he shares!) and his uncomplaining attitude, he’s been a great help this week in getting us reorganized. Safe trip buddy.

With only two of us now, Denny and I discuss how to get everything done in the hours available to us. We opt today to try a “leap-frog” hiking method that keeps both of us on the trail – just hiking different parts separately. We finish our sixteen miles by early afternoon, leaving us time to coordinate with the folks at Council Grove’s tourism office, newspaper and a local historian. The official arrival at Council Grove tomorrow should be fun. More about that tomorrow.

At the end of the day, we drive back to the camp at Council Grove Lake, get our showers, wash some clothes and I get to spend a couple hours completing my blog catch-up session. Really everyone, I’m sorry it’s so slow in coming. Hopefully, you will find it worth waiting for.

If you want to follow our progress via GPS on the Internet, go to:

It’s not always perfect, but is pretty good.

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