Thursday, August 21 – Diamond Springs, KS

We are officially in the land of BIG ranches and farms. Some of these spreads cover five miles or more. Fields without fences. Roads without traffic. Land without people. It makes you feel small. Awesome. Just awesome.

One gentleman – Mr. Riffle came out to check to see if Denny was OK – said he couldn’t believe it when the county wanted to put road signs with the names at the intersections. “Heck, I know I gotta go two miles this way and one mile that way to get to my neighbors’ house. What do I need signs for? Shucks, it’s for that 911 thing.” Mr. Riffle owns only about one and a half square miles.

“I love being a farmer. I’m a small town boy that married right. I thank my mother-in-law fairly often for letting me marry her daughter. After 30 years of bumping across those Santa Fe Trail ruts, I still get goosebumps when I think about what their lives must have been like. I can’t imagine how hard it was for the women. They had to walk, take care of the children, cook and do all the other things women did.”

Awesome, Just awesome.

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