Friday, August 22 – Lost Spring, KS

It was another lovely day. It’s the first TOTALLY clear, bright sunshine, comfortably warm and breezy day we’ve had here in Kansas. Even though we’re nearly a quarter of the way across the state, it’s been cool and cloudy almost the whole time. Maybe we’re going to escape the brutal heat that often occurs this time of year.

The plants and terrain have changed just since the first of the week. It’s certainly drier. Groves of full sized trees away from the streams are giving way to wide open expanses of grasses. Types of trees are less varied with mostly cottonwoods and burr oaks concentrated along the streams.

We recorded the winds today. By late morning, we had a sustained breeze of about 15 MPH from the southeast shifting to the southwest later. The cottonwoods and grasses were spectacular waving in the wind. We also came across the first fields of sorghum we’ve seen.

Denny and I have been married 29 years as of this morning. We celebrated by hiking and meeting people, talking about things and enjoying our country and its history. We have four wonderful kids, five and a half grandkids, wonderful parents and a boatload of blessings. We’re in reasonably good health and don’t really want for much. We have sufficient for our needs and what else do we need? Ours is a charmed life for which we are grateful. We hope the next 30 are just as good as the first.

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