Saturday, August 23 – Council Grove, KS

We’re back at Council Grove for the day.

There was one whale of a storm that started approaching about 3 AM and continued until nearly mid-day. “Deadly lightning” was the phrase the National Weather Service used to describe one of the most vigorous thunderstorms I’ve ever experienced. Bolts were popping off every second or so for three solid hours. We had sustained winds of 25+ MPH and gusts much higher than that from the northwest as the cold front approached.

The storm looked so bad on radar (yep, I booted the computer for this one!) I was convinced we had the possibility of a tornado, so about 5 AM we took refuge in a cinderblock shelter next to camp. Stayed about 30 minutes before it calmed down enough to go back to the camper. Kind of sorry I didn’t have the 1846 tent put up, but even if I did, I would not have stayed in it during this storm. One stands in awe of nature when it gets this wild.

After the storm front cleared out about 11 AM, Denny and I talked it over, deciding to skip today’s hike, opting instead to catch up on some pressing business matters, do the wash and shopping in preparation for moving camp on Monday.

We also have an interpretive program planned for tonight at the campground. That’s presuming we don’t have any more storms this evening.

Our time at the library was spent contacting folks further down the trail to try and help coordinate special events – more seminars, firesides and day hikes where people have expressed interest The library is closing in about 15 minutes, so I need to finish up and post these last three entries. Have a great weekend everyone.

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