Sunday, August 24 – Council Grove

Last night’s interpretive program was attended by about a dozen folks and we were pleased with how it went. A mom brought her three sons fishing and each of them brought a buddy. They stopped by for our Battalion presentation. There were also two older couples and two of the Park rangers, all of whom said they enjoyed it. OK, so I guess that makes thirteen in all.

We finished there about 8:30 PM, packed up and scooted down to talk with Ken and Shirley McClintock some more. They agreed to let Denny tape them for use on the website. Ken discussed the area of Council Grove in 1846 and Shirley talked about their restoration of the Terwilliger House. They’ve put us onto some more lines of research and interest that we hope will bear fruit in the future.

We finished there about 10:30 PM and realized that we had somehow overlooked getting dinner earlier. Please don’t be disappointed in us, but we just couldn’t bear to go back and cook at that late hour, so we trolled the streets of Council Grove looking for a place to eat that late. Choice were: 1) the Hayes House bar & grill; 2) Sonic; 3) Pizza Hut. The Hut won out, so we went tromping in dressed pioneer at just about their closing time, ordered a pizza, only to realize that neither Denny nor I had brought our plastic with us. Dang! All we had was $10 cash a lady had contributed as a donation to us.

So, we went scrounging in the truck for the extra quarters left over from doing the wash on Saturday. SCORE! We had just enough for a large everything pizza which we took home to scarf and were SO grateful for that food. Got to bed at midnight.

Church today was about 30 miles away in Emporia Kansas. Good homecoming for one of their own Elders who had been serving in Germany. Made us think much of our son Brian who is currently serving a mission in Mongolia.

These young men and women are entrusted by the LDS Church to represent the Lord, Jesus Christ to the world. They get no pay for their service; they receive little formal training; their language skills are mostly learned “on the job” and they work very hard under very trying circumstances. Many are fairly average but accomplish so much in helping other people start to repair their lives. It is nothing short of amazing that we can put 50,000 of these young people into the nations of the world and have so few problems. They are from “every nation, kindred, tongue and people” and with the Lords’ help and humble hearts they manage to change lives – their own included.

That’s not a plug for the LDS church, just a fact that constantly amazes me when I sit and think about it. If only all volunteers were as effective and dedicated. We’ve been blessed with good help.

When we arrived home, we noticed that one of the tires on the flatbed trailer is flat. Dang! That means we get a late start tomorrow.

And a final thought: We’ve decided that the folks in Council Grove are a little more accustomed to seeing people dressed in 1800’s costume. Either that or they’re too polite to stare. We love Kansas.

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