Come March with Us – On The Trail or On Your Laptop

(See Trek Schedule for locations and dates)

This event is open to all who wish to participate: descendants, history buffs, youth groups, individuals, families, scout and school groups. Volunteer opportunities abound for those who would like to be involved in other ways than hiking the trail.  See Application to March and Volunteer

Participation Requirement:  Membership in the BattalionTrek 

  • Single day participation: Costs for one day's march is covered by Membership Dues.   Membership Cost $15
  • Multi-day participation: First day's march covered by Membership Dues.
    Additional days: Cost $15/day
  • Colonel Cooke’s Cadre: Membership Fees + participation fees.  Cost $50/day

Visit our camp and evening campfire programs (open to all - free of charge)

Hiking options available (more details below)

  • Day Hikes:  In specific locations, 10 miles, no limit of participants but you should still submit your reservation online. 
  • Encampments:  Evening Camps.  (Reenactor & Modern campers welcome as space permits)  There will be encampments with special events on the evening before Day Hikes.  
  • Regular Battalion:   Hike a day, a week, a month or more on the Trail
  • Colonel Cooke's Cadre:  Step back in time--live and dress as an 1846 Battalion member.
  • Join the Trek as a Virtual VIP:   Join us online. The Trek will be available to everyone.


March Part or All of the Mormon Battalion Trail

Period clothing is strongly suggested, but not required. See the Reenactor Information for clothing suggestions.

Join in the evening firesides & experience reenactor’s camp life or choose to stay in the modern section of the camp.

Equipment, camping/hotel arrangements, transportation, and meals will be your responsibility.

Refer to our Trek Schedule for specific locations and dates

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March & Camp With Colonel Cooke’s Cadre

Limit: 10 people per day

Cadre participants should dress in period clothing.  They will be issued a period authentic 1847 army pack, uniform accessories, a replica (non-firing) musket and ammo pouch for use on the day’s march.

Pitch and sleep in a replica 1847 Mexican- American War tent in the reenactor’s camp area.

Cook your meals as a tent group with equipment provided from the supply wagon.

Participants in this honorary corps will receive a special recognition momento. 

You provide water canteen, blanket and/or sleepingbag  depending upon how “authentic” you want to be. 

There will be separate tents for males and females unless they are family members.


Join the Ranks as a VIRTUAL VIP

Watch for details of how you can participate online as a Virtual VIP. 

Even those who hike the actual trail will be intrigued with the possibility of extending their living history experience through the wonders of Virtual VIP access.

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Day Hikes:
Length: about 10 miles, 1-day (No limit on numbers)
Battalion Trek members only
Application forms required          
Trek Schedule

Numbers determined by camp location
Battalion Trek members only
Application required

Go to our Application to March .

Battalion Trek  Membership and other necessary forms
for applicants will be online soon.

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