Mormon Battalion Trek Volunteer Opportunities  or


Time Commitment Type Some Ideas for Volunteers (feel free to be creative)
  Benefactors/Sponsors If you or your company/group would like to donate equipment or services needed to field the Trek, ie. period clothing/accessories, tents, vehicles, or navigation and communications equipment, etc.--Contact us at Sponsors will have logo's on Sponsors page with a link to your website or other pertinent contact information. Donors may also remain anonymous.
Local Trail Scout Be our eyes and ears for your local area. Serve as a phone and e-mail contact who can give Trek organizers information about resources available in your town/geographic area, and help do route recon. You would work as liason to coordinate meeting hall reservations, camping spots, public relation events, etc.
Historians/Experts Individuals/Groups who have special historical expertise on the Trail, other local Trails, Battalion and its members, Mexican American War, or Native American History as it relates to the Battalion, Trails, etc. Before the Trek: your knowledge would be helpful and much appreciated. On the Trek: we would love to have you share your information in a nightly campfire or special event.
Adjutant Executive Officers Help coordinate local volunteers at public hike locations.
See Trek Schedule
Battalion Scribes Photographers and Journalists needed in all local areas to record the events of the Trek. Hike with us, camp with us, share your story on the website and with local/national press. All such materials will be compiled into an electronic Trek history.
Quartermaster Work with Trek organizers and local individuals/businesses to acquire and provide water and porta potty access to Battalion members. Help prepare night's camp in your area, provide firewood/charcoal briquettes
Musicians Drummers & Fifers: Come spend a day or evening with us playing the traditional music and drum calls of that period.
Chuck Wagon Driver and Mess Cook Help cook a meal for the long-term reenactors' period camp. Experience with dutch oven cooking a plus.
Surgeon & Medical Corps Medical personnel: EMT/Paramedic/Nurses/Doctors, etc. Spend a day or two with the Troops--serving as the Volunteer Medical Corps. Can be transported in vehicles--not required to walk the trail.
Signal Officer Get the word out about the Trek in your area. Contact schools, scout/youth groups, newspapers, local government agencies, historical societies, etc. Refer them to
Teamsters & Safety Escorts Drive your car as a safety vehicle in front or rear of marchers for public hikes or be an extra "set of wagon wheels" for long term Battalion Trek participants in your local area should the need arise.
Public Affairs Officer Send electronic copies of local newspaper articles, press releases, etc. to Or scan hardcopies of the same and e-mail to website. We want to compile a web-based scrapbook of the 2007 Trek for participants and others to enjoy.
Pony Express Riders Individuals with technical expertise who can deliver electronic files to from your area. (High Speed Internet and CD Rom/Thumbdrive required)
Civil Affairs Officers Meet the Battalion as they enter your vicinity and help guide them to meeting locations, nearby commissary, laundry facilities, etc. Serve as hosts and hostesses to those visiting our evening campfire programs or special events. Period dress suggested but not required.
Battalion Enlistment Officer Contact groups/individuals in your area that may be interested In hiking the trail or supporting the Trek. Refer them to the website

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